Current composition of the Brussels institutions

The diagram below provides an overview of the ministers and secretaries of state sitting in the various Brussels executive institutions for the 2014-2019 term, with a special focus on the division of political competences in the areas of health and welfare services.

The government of the Brussels-Capital Region is composed of the Minister-President R. Vervoort, ministers C. Frémault, P. Smet, G. Vanhengel, et D. Gosuin, and Secretaries of State B. Debaets, C. Jodogne and F. Laanan

The Joint College of the GGC/CCC is composed of the four ministers of the Brussels government: college members D. Gosuin and G. Vanhengel have responsibility for health policy, while college members P. Smet and C. Fremault have responsibility for personal welfare. The united college is chaired by the Minister-President of the government R. Vervoort, who however has only an advisory role

The colleges of the COCOF and the VGC are composed respectively of the regional ministers and secretaries of state belonging respectively to the French-speaking and Dutch-speaking linguistic groups.
For the COCOF, college member C. Jodogne is responsible for health policy while college member C. Fremault is responsible for welfare action.
For the VGC, it is college member B. Debaets who has responsibility for health.

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