Report 2006/1: Brussels-Capital Health and Social Atlas

This atlas resembles a detailed photo album of the Brussels Region and provides clear information on the demographic, social and health situation of inhabitants of Brussels up to the level of statistical areas. It features maps with detailed comments, with each map illustrating the spatial differences of an aspect of daily life. How inhabitants of Brussels are housed in the various areas of the city, in which districts large families or single people are concentrated, the composition by age of the inhabitants of the various districts, where students, the working population and unemployed people live, how income is distributed, how inhabitants of the various districts in Brussels perceive their state of health, the division of urban space between highly qualified people and those with little schooling, how inhabitants of Brussels perceive their environment, etc.

The atlas as a whole illustrates the diversity within the Brussels Region. It offers a mosaic of a dynamic, bustling, wealth-creating international city, but also a city where a strong contrast exists between poverty and wealth.

Full text available in French and Dutch


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