Summary of the roundtable of 6-11-2008: the 5th and final part of the 2008 Report on the state of poverty in Brussels is available

The roundtable of 6 November 2008 brought together Brussels MPs and ministers, municipal politicians and the CPAS welfare centres and people faced with situations of marginalisation in the Brussels Parliament. The first four parts of the 2008 Brussels report on the state of poverty were on the agenda, with particular attention being paid to the thematic report entitled "poverty and ageing".

The 5th and final part contains a summary of the proposals and best practices formulated within the working parties on the subject of "poverty and ageing" and during the general closing debate. All parts of the poverty report have been forwarded to Brussels MPs who now have all the necessary material for a parliamentary debate on the fight against poverty in Brussels.

Full text available in French and Dutch

Discover the other 4 parts of the 2008 Brussels poverty report: French or Dutch

For more information on the Brussels poverty report click here

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