2004 Health Profile in the Brussels-Capital Region

In 2001, the Brussels Health and Social Observatory published the first "Health Profile in the Brussels-Capital Region". This first report endeavoured to gather available data on the state of health of the inhabitants of Brussels.

Three years later, we felt that it was necessary to update the information and re-examine in greater depth certain aspects of health in Brussels based on a wide range of data collected and analysed in recent years. The objective of the health profile in the Brussels-Capital region is to provide an overview of the health of residents in Brussels integrated into the demographic, social, environmental and multi-cultural context of our region.

This report is intended for all those who, in one way or another, are involved in the organisation of health services and the promotion of health in Brussels, whether they are politicians, health professionals or active in the many areas which determine the population’s health.

Full text available in French and Dutch

Summary available in French and Dutch

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